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Silva vs Sonnen II - By The Numbers


Statistics for any fight are always interesting but the numbers for the Anderson Silva/Chael Sonnen rematch this weekend are downright fascinating.

Their UFC 117 meeting was a multiple-record breaker for all sorts of reasons - strikes landed, the time of the submission, the amount of time Anderson was on his back.

Check out the number-crunching ahead of this weekend’s huge rematch:

IN UFC 117...

- Sonnen landed more significant strikes in round one than Silva had taken in any UFC fight before that

- Before the fight Silva had been hit a total of 166 times by his 11 UFC opponents

- Sonnen hit him 320 times in the fight and set a new UFC record for most strikes landed in the process

- Overall he landed 320 strikes to Silva’s 64

- The submission in their first fight was the latest in UFC history

- Sonnen put Silva on his back for 19:50 - twice as long as all Silva’s UFC opponents combined

In General..

- All Sonnen’s losses in the UFC and WEC are by submission

- He has been on the receiving end of 18 serious sub attempts - the third highest in UFC history

- Anderson has 68.5 per cent striking accuracy and hasn’t  lost a fight in six years

- Anderson successfully defended 80 per cent of takedowns attempted on him in the UFC - The other 20 per cent were mostly Sonnen’s

- Sonnen is the least-hit middleweight in UFC history, avoiding 69 per cent of significant strikes and taking just over one per match

- Sonnen has outlanded all of his UFC and WEC opponents

- Sonnen is a former golden gloves amateur boxer

- Sonnen is the underdog for this rematch - but the odds of him winning are 2:1