Unexplained Mysteries: How did Fighters Only successfully predict Silva vs Sonnen II?


It is already being called ‘The Book of Prophecy’ and the 'Monthly Periodical of Destiny' for its eerie signposting of the finish in Silva vs Sonnen II.

Last month's edition of Fighters Only Magazine had the incorrigible Sonnen on the cover shirt ripped open, target on chest, inviting Anderson and the world at large to take their best shot.

We saw what happened.

Did Sonnen have some prescience, some vision, of how the dream would end? Did Anderson pick up a copy as usual from the 7-11 and get inspired? Did sensei Steven Seagal use the cover image to construct Anderson’s gameplan?

We will never know. The fight game has many secrets, and this is one of them.

Rumours that copies of this issue spontaneously burst into flames during round two of Saturday night’s fight could not be confirmed at time of going to press.