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Shane Carwin and Roy Nelson to coach TUF 16


Roy Nelson and Shane Carwin have been confirmed as the coaches for season 16 of The Ultimate Fighter.

The pair will commence filming next month and will face off at the season finale in Las Vegas this coming December. News of the pairing was revealed to USA TODAY by UFC president Dana White.

The season will begin airing in September via the FX channel.

“This is going to be a very interesting dynamic between these two heavyweights. They both have huge punching power and great chins, but outside of the octagon, they couldn't be any more different,” says White.

“These two have been going at it on social media for a while and don't seem to like each other very much, but they are going to be seeing a lot of each other during this series.”

White is not wrong - the two don’t like each much at all, with Nelson having all but accused Carwin of being a steroid cheat because his name appeared on a list of people who had received shipments from a pharmaceutical company busted for supplying steroids in 2010.

Nelson made some comments on Twitter which Carwin did not appreciate and the two had a brief spat, with Carwin making some references to Nelson’s more portly stature. More recently Nelson made some more digs then revealed that Carwin had blocked him on Twitter.

This week, Carwin popped up on The Underground forum to make a post entitled ‘Keyboard Warriors’. He railed against people who will offer criticism via the safety of the internet but then say nothing in person. The jibe was taken to be against certain sections of the fan base, but there was an odd line at the end.

“When your on the internet it is easy to say how people are scared of you and pretend to be the voice of truth and yet when you’re put into a van with just me you say nothing.”

In light of today’s news the line was almost certainly a reference to Nelson; the two were in Las Vegas this week for meetings about The Ultimate Fighter and so presumably came face to face in a vehicle provided by the UFC while travelling to a location.