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Coach: "Edgar at 155 is like Aldo fighting GSP"


Frankie Edgar fighting at 155lbs is the equivalent of Jose Aldo fighting Georges St. Pierre at welterweight, according to Edgar’s boxing coach Mark Henry.

Infamously undersized for lightweight, Edgar has been pressured by everyone from his team to UFC president Dana White to drop a weight class and fight at featherweight. But he has steadfastly refused to answer these calls, something which equally amazes and frustrates his trainers.

“He’s fighting two weight classes ahead. Nobody is doing that, no champion is doing that. Jose Aldo calls out Frankie? Frankie walks round at 155. If Aldo wants to call out someone at what he walks at, then I don’t know why he doesn’t fight GSP because that’s what Frankie’s doing,” says Henry.

“Ben Henderson just had a jiu jitsu tournament at 180lbs and I bet he cut a couple of pounds for that. When its jiu jitsu he’s 180, when you throw hands he’s 155. I’d like to see Ben Henderson fight Anderson Silva at 185lbs, that’s what Frankie’s doing.

“That’s not a knock on anybody its just that what everyone’s doing in MMA and its how I see Frankie unique as a fighter and the best pound-for-pound fighter in MMA.”