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Sonnen to reveal next move "in a couple of weeks"


We will find out in “a couple of weeks” if Chael Sonnen is going to move up to light-heavyweight.

All the indications are that he is done at middleweight, having had two fights with champion Anderson Silva which have ended in stoppage losses. A third efforts looks unlikely, despite the hype that accompanied the weekend’s UFC 148 rematch, and so middleweight looks to be a fruitless endeavour for him henceforth.

Sonnen spoke to Fuel TV’s Ariel Helwani this week, where he was ringside for Mark Munoz’s fight with Chris Weidman. Sonnen went into some detail about his reaction to losing his rematch with Anderson and also dropped heavy hints about moving up to light-heavyweight.

“There’s a major opportunity for a fresh start by simply switching weight classes, that’s my mentors Randy Coture and Dan Henderson have done and its something to look at as well…205. Give me a couple of weeks, I’m not trying to paint myself into any corner but traditionally and historically that’s a great way to rejuvenate your career and get a fresh start.”