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Anderson's boxing coach: "Round one went how Anderson wanted"


Anderson Silva's boxing coach Edelson Silva is back in Brazil after accompanying the middleweight champion to his tenth title defence in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Edelson - no relation - was beside ‘The Spider’ the whole week that preceded UFC 148 and now he’s given some insights into Silva's mindset that week.

“It was a week of very much adrenaline and tension but Anderson was very focused, very well trained and managed to make the weight hands down. He wound up doing everything perfectly. He had great reflexes, good timing and his boxing - that is my part of the training - was so complete,” he says.

“We had a strategy to use more boxing to stuff Chael Sonnen's takedown attempts and thank God everything worked out.”

Despite the big win, Anderson went through difficult times in the first round when the American wrestler took him down and kept him there for nearly five minutes. According to the coach, that was nothing but a facet of the Brazilian fighter’s gameplan to make the opponent tired and feel his power.

“"That was not the corner's strategy but Anderson thought that accepting Sonnen's game in the round one would work out just as it tuned out. He welcomed Chael's takedown to test his power and to deplete his gas. Later in the round, Anderson commented to us that he felt him weaker and gassing. If that fight had lasted longer, that would have been worse for Sonnen.”

For Edelson, the second meeting of Silva and Sonnen was defined by the knee the champion was able to land on Chael’s breastbone. “I think the bout was decided by that knee. Chael was dizzy with that attack and Anderson was merciless and capitalized the confrontation. The hit was very strong and left a swelling on his breast.”

Team Nogueira's coach was disappointed by Sonnen’s performance after all his talk and he mocked the North American fighter by saying: "For me, Sonnen chickened out and didn’t fight as he should have done.

“At the press conference he already showed that he was afraid of Anderson. His thing is marketing and pay-per-view selling. I always found him a weak fighter for the division but he was always a champion of the trash talking."

Regarding the invitation from Silva for his rival to have a barbecue cooked by his wife at home, Edelson believes his athlete showcased many qualities with that attitude. “There he displayed the humbleness and education that are the greatest virtues in life. Chael underestimated the Brazilian citizens so much by thinking we are inferior and it was far away from the truth.”