Golden Boy CEO respects UFC but thinks PPV schedule is too much


Richard Schaefer, CEO of the boxing management and promotion company Golden Boy, concedes that boxing can learn some things from the UFC also but thinks that the UFC has much more to learn from boxing.

In particular, he notes that boxing PPV sales tend to be a lot higher than UFC sales; he thinks that boxing promoters do a better job of “working with their sponsors” and getting sponsors “to activate and bring their platforms into play to promote the fighters and the fights.”

“I respect and admire the UFC and Dana White, I have a good relationship with him in fact,” Schaefer adds. And while he thinks free cards on TV are not affecting PPV sales, but thinks that one PPV per month is too much.

“Its maybe OK when you are in a booming economy and everyone is flush with cash but when you are in a recessionary environment and people are looking for jobs, record unemployment numbers and people looking for jobs… that’s probably a bit too much.

“But the fact the UFC is on FOX is terrific for their sport, terrific for the fans… I am working every day on getting boxing back on free[to air] television.”