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Anderson's wife to Sonnen: "Come for BBQ - but there will be no ass-patting"


Chael Sonnen is welcome to visit the Anderson Silva household for a barbeque if he wants to, but there will be no ass-patting or buttock interaction of any kind.

That’s the message from Mrs Silva, Anderson’s wife Dayanne, who has repeated her husband’s invitation to his rival. After stopping Sonnen in the second round of their UFC 148 rematch, Anderson told the crowd that their beef was squashed and that Sonnen was invited to his house in Brazil for a barbeque.

In the run-up to the fight Sonnen had repeatedly belittled Anderson in various ways, one of which was to tell the world that he intended to march into Anderson’s house, pat his wife on the behind and tell her to make him a steak - “medium-rare”.

“I loved the answer Anderson gave him after the fight. Come on, Chael. You can come for the barbecue. Just know that you will not get your hand on my butt,” she told O Globo.

Despite the good humour, she admitted that she was annoyed by the comments made before the fight. And so was Anderson, who went uncharacteristically mental during a press conference call to promote the bout. He promised to break Sonnen’s limbs and remove his teeth.

“For me it was the best victory of Anderson. Chael should not have talked about me. It was the worst thing he did,” says Dayanne. Notably, while the two men were cordial after their rematch, Sonnen did not offer any apology for any of the comments he made, including many references to Brazil being a third-world country and implications that its populace are educationally and technologically backward.