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Nike looks ready to release Anderson SIlva apparel


Nike is coming.

Its rare to see MMA fans getting excited over a sponsor, but the sense of pleasure at Nike’s sponsorship of Anderson Silva has become palpable. And when Anderson tweeted some pictures from his visit to Nike headquarters in Brazil today, anticipation heightened still further.

Middleweight champion Silva has been sponsored by Nike Brasil ever since he was picked up by 9ine, the elite sports marketing agency founded by Brazilian ex-footballer Ronaldo. He is in truly rarefied company on the 9ine roster, which deliberately keeps a relatively short list of talent on its books to maintain exclusivity and focus.

Nike is a premium sports label and is usually a top-tier line in those sports that it makes equipment and apparel for. Along with Adidas it is the world’s most recognised - and therefore most mainstream - sports label and so for the brand to get involved with MMA is being seen as a step closer to popular culture. Tiger Woods wears Nike, Michael Jordan wore Nike - now Anderson Silva wears Nike.

And now you can wear Anderson Silva thanks to Nike. They will apparently be running out some signature products for the record-setting champion, and while there is no news on what exactly these will be it seems that the ‘Silva Knows’ shirt will be one of them.

The slogan harks back to a  late1980s advertising campaign featuring the multi-sport athlete Bo Jackson. Advertisements showed Jackson partaking in various sports with a megastar from that sport - such as the basketball Jordan - then affirming to the camera that “Bo knows basketball” or “Bo knows..” whatever the sport in question was.

We think the polo shirt with the Killa Bee logo looks pretty cool; stay tuned for more news on any Nike MMA products or Nike Anderson Silva apparel.