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Francis Carmont promoted to purple belt


Francis Carmont has been awarded his purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

The French middleweight is based at TriStar Gym in Montreal, home of UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre and rising star Rory Macdonald among others. He’s gone 3-0 since joining the UFC in October last year. With back-to-back submissions in his last two outings, head coach Firas Zahabi felt he had earned promotion.

“I just awarded him his purple belt actually. He’s got two submissions in the UFC, which is something difficult to do, and I think he deserves his purple belt. So he is a purple belt now, that’s his official rank. He doesn’t do much gi but I will award belts up to brown belt without the gi. After that you have to put the gi on, I wont give you a black belt without the gi,” he tells Fighters Only.

“But this is a guy that, two years ago I showed him something - the butterfly guard, the butterfly sweep - and he was mesmerised, didn’t know what the hell I was showing him, like it was some witchcraft. Now look at him - he’s getting subs, he used the crucifix in his last fight. That’s my favourite position, I consider that one of the most dominant positions in jiu jitsu and in fighting.

“And he was able to pull it off, I was amazed because when I first showed him crucifix he had no idea it existed, and now he’s pulling it off in the UFC. I think its because he has the instinct and the hours of training to be able to pull it off, he didn’t panic in the moment, he’s got this tough mental attitude.”

Carmont’s overall record is now 19-7 and he is on an eight-fight winning streak. There is no news on his next outing but it seems TriStar have built - or are building him - into a seriously dangerous middleweight and as he wants to stay busy, we will be seeing him one or two times more in 2012. Stay tuned.