Overeem wants no warm-up fight before JDS clash

Overeem wants no warm-up fight before JDS clash
July 26th 2012

Alistair Overeem is currently serving a suspension after failing a drug test in March, but when he returns he doesn’t want any warm-up fights.

He had been due to get a shot at the heavyweight title prior to his suspension being implemented and when it expires - on December 27 - he is looking to go right back in at the top.

“This time off is perfect. After this, I have a full four years of dedication [to fighting],” he says to MMA Weekly.

“For me it doesn't matter when I fight. I don't need to have a warm-up fight. I'm gonna leave that up to the gentlemen of the UFC to decide. If they want me to go for the title, I'm ready for that.”

“I'm gonna lay low and fight whoever they put in front of me. I'm gonna get my hands on [Dos Santos] and when I do, he's all mine.”


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