Video: The Worst MMA Refereeing of All Time

Video: The Worst MMA Refereeing of All Time
August 2nd 2012

There’s been some questionable refereeing in the MMA world of late - but you’ve seen nothing yet.

This piece of refereeing from the US regional event ‘Warrior Nation’ is probably the worst you will ever see. Certainly it is in the top three worst refereeing incidents of all time.

Amateur fighter David Baxter is caught in a triangle. He taps. Then he goes to sleep. The bell sounds, he wakes up, is allowed to continue in the next round and then wins by TKO over Justin Kristie.




  • bill hardy

    Posted at 13:52 on August 2nd 2012

    Talk about getting fucked,is( Bob Arum )running the mma now.Something ought to be done about this SHIT..The ref is a amauter for shure,or blind..

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