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Rodrigo Damm promises "evolved" version of himself at UFC 154


Rodrigo Damm has been confirmed as one of the fighters who will perform at UFC 154 in Montreal, Canada. The ‘Ultimate Fighter Brazil’ featherweight contestant is going to face Antonio ‘Pato’ Carvalho on November 17.

The experienced grappler has more than three months to train at his X-Gym facility and is focused to get the second win at the Ultimate Fighting Championship. In his debut, Rodrigo submitted Anistavio Gasparzinho at UFC 147.
“I am happy and I will have a good time to train. I’ll get there more prepared with these three months available than for the fight I did with Gasparzinho, in Belo Horizonte. The next fight is the most important and I will face it as it were the most important for me. I will work very hard,” he says.
Damm has already been training with Josué Distak. The intent is not to change much in the preparation but rather to keep improving constantly.

“The training does not change a lot from the last fight. My coaches already know who is my opponent and now we will set the game plan for the bout. They found it a very well matched fight and so did I. [Pato] is a good fighter with a good set of skills but I would rather focus on my job,” says the capixaba (meaning a native of Espirito Santo).

“You can be sure that you’ll see a better Rodrigo than that one who fought at UFC 147. I will keep evolving my striking and Muay Thai overall.”