Shogun and Ninja go separate ways after tension with coach

Shogun and Ninja go separate ways after tension with coach
August 7th 2012

Internal tensions in Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua’s camp have caused a rift between him and his older brother Murilo ‘Ninja’.

Since his first days of competition, Ninja has always been in the corner when Shogun fights but he was absent for the weekend’s bout against Brandon Vera, which headlined UFC on FOX 4.  The reason is Andrea Dida, Shogun’s head coach. Ninja does not like him and does not agree with his training methods, nor the way that he coaches.

“Guys, I was not with Mauricio in this fight because I have a problem with Dida. I do not agree with the way he corners and drills him,” he wrote on Twitter at the weekend, responding to queries about his absence.

Shortly afterwards he expanded on the subject in an interview with UOL Esportes revealing that he had been at loggerheads with Dida and was then told that he would not be training with his brother any more. Ninja then left the Universidade da Luta team in their native Curitiba and now trains elsewhere.

“I was not there [in the corner] because I had a problem with Dida’s coaching in Mauricio’s last fight [against Dan Henderson]. Then he came to me and said I would not be training with my brother, so I thought it best to follow my path. Now I'm just his brother, I do not do any training with him,” he says.

“I did not like how he was leading the preparation of Mauritius for the fight against Dan Henderson. I may err, but I'm his brother and I'm always with him. I did not like the things [Dida] spoke and did. But now I'm training at another gym, happy, and on my way in search of other achievements and opportunities.”

Ninja is not alone in wondering what sort of coaching is being done at the UDL facility. Shogun’s manager Julius Eller told Tatame that “neither the staff nor Shogun were pleased with his cardio, this is something that needs to be improved. Let's talk about it here in Curitiba. Let us now try to identify what happened”.


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