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Paulo Filho's father passes away


Paulo Filho’s father has passed away.

News of the death was posted by Filho himself to his Facebook page yesterday. Filho’s father had suffered with heart and kidney problems for some time but it was an infection contracted in hospital which finished him.

“He was suffering a lot for some years now, he had a bad kidney problem, a heart disease too and one medicine was bad for the other problem. The heart drug was bad for his kidney and the kidney medicine injured his heart”, Filho told Tatame.

“He started doing hemodialysis treatment every other day then it was every day. His arm veins were dry and he contracted an infection at Sao Lucas Hospital and they sent him home. He wasn’t feeling well and they thought it was his heart, they took him to ProCardiaco, where they detected a peritoneum infection. This infection took my father away from us”.

Filho has been troubled by drug addiction problems for a long time and is now far from the days when he was considered one of the world’s top middleweights. Indeed, at the time when he held the WEC middleweight championship there were many who argued he was the best 185lb fighter full stop.

Of late his career has been marked by losses to sub-par opposition, missed weight, cancellations and failures to turn up. He has fallen out with various management and training partner figures and his lifestyle has been chaotic rather than championship material.

He is signed to fight Murilo ‘Ninja’ Rua in Brazil on September 6 and while both are past their best, the fight has some nostalgia value and some interest from fans. But there are no guarantees it will actually happen. People around Filho are worried his father’s death will push him into a downward spiral but he swears otherwise.

“I’ll keep on going. This was enough to wake me up for good. Maybe God will bring me to the place I once wanted to leave. Life goes on. My dream is to keep shining. I’ve lost someone, I feel it, but I know he would really like me to go there and shake Rua up,” Filho says.

“And that’s what will happen. I’ll be there on the 6th ready to shut him up and also all those guys who cheer against me and think I’m lost. I’m doing this for my father.”