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Hapless burglars break into Texan Top Team facility


A pair of Texan meth-heads picked the wrong building to try and rob when they were out on a spree in the middle of the night.

Karl Rogers, 21, and Adrian Sanchez, 22, tried booting down a door into a building they thought might have something for them inside.

It did have something - the Texan branch of Brazilian Top Team, complete with gym members inside. Despite it being 3a.m, amateur fighter Caleb Murphee was on the premises with another fighter from the gym.

“We're just kind of sitting down, drinking water, talking about what's going on, and we start to hear pounding on this door,” Murphee told a local newspaper.

The hapless burglars entered the premises but immediately ran away when confronted by the fighters, who had picked up some free-weights with which to defend themselves.

“If he would have tried to rough me up or something, yeah, I definitely would have defended myself. I feel confident I would have come out on top.”

Police arrived shortly afterwards and found the two would-be burglars attempting to hide - badly - in the vicinity of the San Antonio gym.

Here’s what the two law-abiding citizens look like. Sanchez clearly still hasn’t gotten over his shock: