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Gallery: Overeem and his Spyder bike

August 17th 2012

.Alistair Overeem is a flamboyant character so when we caught up with him for a photoshoot in his native Holland not long ago, it wasn’t all that surprising to see him turn up on this rather special motorcycle.

The Can-Am Spyder is a three-wheel bike (the company calls is a ‘roadster’) that turns heads wherever it goes; you don’t see many of these around. It has front and rear brakes and is similar to a snowmobile in appearance.

It has two wheels at the front and traction from a single wheel at the back. It was developed by Canadian company Bombadier Recreational Products, which has its roots in snowmobiles and ATV’s but recently branched out into ‘roadsters’ and sailboats.


  • Rob

    Posted at 19:01 on August 17th 2012

    It's a step up from a scooter. OK, half a step up.

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  • ele

    Posted at 07:33 on August 18th 2012

    This is old... 24.10.2011

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