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Pic of the Day: Savage elbow cuts

August 20th 2012

There’s nothing like a good elbow shot for leaving you looking like a wild animal has been having a nibble at your face.

In this instance, the Queensland, Australia fighter Patrick Doherty - good Irish name there - is the lucky recipient. This picture is the aftermath of the headline fight of House of Pain 6 in Australia last night.

According to reports, he had a war with Rhyse Saliba of Thailand and took elbow after elbow without flinching. He ultimately lost a points decision and came away with a small purse plus some scars he will carry for the rest of his life.

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  • Pete

    Posted at 19:39 on August 20th 2012

    Two thoughts:
    1. It's a wonder the fight wasn't stopped with those wounds
    2. That looks like a fair challenge for suturing. I'm game for it!

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  • dom

    Posted at 02:58 on August 21st 2012

    thats a bunch of career ending cuts. that ref shouldn't be reffing

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  • Cam

    Posted at 04:37 on August 21st 2012

    forget wild animal that's like a sledgehammer to the face, you know we complain about the judges and refs of the NSAC for making fights boring or calling them wrong,but the fucker who did this match should have his licence revoked and be barred from even spectating an MMA event, ....scratch that I'd be surprised if he was licensed at all

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  • PhyteGuru

    Posted at 18:25 on August 25th 2012

    Props to the guy for sticking it out until the final bell. Ref/Doc should have stopped it though.

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