Jones: "Racist Sonnen embarrassed America"

August 20th 2012

Chael Sonnen is racist and “a joke” who embarrassed America, according to the UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

Jones thinks that Sonnen’s baiting of Anderson Silva went too far and that he crossed the line with various comments about Brazil, its culture and its social and economic conditions.

“He mentions Brazilian kids playing with dirt while American kids play with normal toys. He talks about people's parents and families and wives. He's a bona fide bully. The Brazilian thing, I lost a lot of respect for him,” Jones told MMA Junkie.

“What he said was racist. It was disrespectful and unacceptable. I have a strong stance on this because I hate what he's doing. You can't just insult a whole country like that. It was terrible. As Americans, we should have been embarrassed by what he did.”

Sonnen has recently turned his attention to Jones after moving up to light-heavyweight in the wake of a failed second attempt to take the middleweight belt from Anderson. Over the weekend, Sonnen sent numerous inflammatory Twitter messages both to Jones or about him.

“I'm not going to allow him to get a title fight from talking. It's not going to happen. Chael Sonnen will not get a title fight from using his mouth… The light-heavyweight division is a completely different beast. I won't allow him to just jump the rankings with his mouth. It's not going to happen,” Jones says.


  • Nigel Preece

    Posted at 08:42 on August 21st 2012

    No Jones, it was dead funny!

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  • John505

    Posted at 09:47 on August 21st 2012

    No Nigel,it wasn't...Disrespecting Brazil,the Nogs etc.. was bang out of order..You have a fight with Anderson,fair enough criticise him,annoy him get under his skin,whatever,he's your opponent..Other fighters,countries are irrelevant and there is absolutely no basis for insulting them..Everything he ever said made him look a buffoon,didn't he say he would walk away if he got beat ? The guys is a clown,who runs his mouth and can't back it up..

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  • Nigel Preece

    Posted at 10:14 on August 22nd 2012

    Well I thought it was dead funny. Anyone taking it too much to heart is too sensitive. Everyone knows what Sonnen's about.

    If Anderson can see the funny side and invite him round for a barbeque, then I'm sure I can.

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