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Readers respond to "Women in the UFC?"


Yesterday we asked whether the UFC should introduce a women’s division with Ronda Rousey as its figurehead.

It proved to be an emotive topic and there was a lot of response from readers. On balance it seems you are OK with women’s MMA but would prefer not to see it in the UFC itself. Here’s a selection of responses:

@mickmac24 - Women's division is still in its infancy stage. Don't think there are enough women to field a legitimate move to the UFC right now

@Patty_cilliers - Hell no!! The only people who are interested in womens mma are woman and there are too few of them to justify it.


@stormlandband - Yes, but not yet. They need to give @InvictaFights a couple of years to develop the talent pool.


‏@aaronross85 - No there's not enough high profile female fighters for the UFC to justify a womens division yet, maybe in few years


@t_locc_BAU - Not for at least 5 years. Add another lighter mens division. And a super heavy weight first. Not enough talent with women yet


@Mark2ndD - There should be a women's division in the UFC, will give UK fans a chance to see them fight on ESPN


@YeahNelson -Think it would be a great idea, adds something different to already great UFC events & will make womens MMA stronger


@000Gasket000 - Absolutely, it will bring another audience, help to promote MMA in general and show that @ufc is at the forefront of its sport..


@donnavdm - Yes, but must be capable. Want to watch real fighters, male AND female, not wannabes just there to fill a quota.


@PetervonAnrep - Yes. You get females competing in single disciplines of martial arts so why not mixed?


@TRPOnline - I think there needs to be a lot more competition, so need female TUF to build numbers and interest.


‏@MitchellGriffin -No. They should have a separate promotion like the NBA and WNBA


@ImSimonOakley - I don't see why not, but wouldn't want to see them on the same card as the men. Needs to be kept completely separate