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First Look: The Nike/Jon Jones apparel


These are apparently the first shots of the initial line of t-shirts to be released under the Nike/Jon Jones deal.

Featuring the legend ‘Bones Knows’ they are very similar to the recently released shots of the Anderson Silva t-shirts, which say ‘Silva Knows’.

The strapline harks back to a famous slogan used in the early 1990s for the Bo Jackson apparel line. The full version had the name of a sport at the end of it - eg ‘Bo Jackson knows baseball’ - and sprang up because he was the first athlete to compete professionally in different disciplines at the same time.

Nike’s use of the slogan for Jones and Silva places the pair squarely into the lineage of one of its longest-running strapline traditions and we can be thankful that Nike haven’t looked at traditional MMA offerings and decided that the shirts need skulls, chains, medieval heraldry or motorbikes on fire as they emerge from hell.

That said, the shirts aren’t distinctly MMA-related apart from the names on them and some fans have already voiced the opinion that they are somewhat uninspired. What do you think of them? We are reliably informed that Nike is keeping an eye on the MMA sites to get some feedback.