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Henderson knee-brace picture sparks injury rumour


The MMA rumour mill has been working apace on Dan Henderson since last night, but it isn’t just the usual bedroom blogs.

Insiders such as Kenny Florian have been posting cryptic Twitter messages suggesting that something has happened which will leave fans “disappointed” while some media sources are specifically narrowing it down to UFC 151 and Dan Henderson.

A training partner of Henderson’s, Tarec Saffiedine, told a fan that he had not seen Henderson “since Saturday” - which was odd because Henderson, responding to the rumour mill, had moments earlier claimed to have been training with several fighters at Team Quest, Saffiedine among them.

Henderson's tweet:

But around 25 minutes earlier, Saffiedine had posted the following:



A picture of Henderson training has added to the speculation, as a heavy-duty knee brace can be seen on the right knee. Other than Henderson's claim to have been training with various team mates - one of whom says he hasn't see him all week - there has been no official denial of the rumour from anyone, including the UFC.

 Back in June, when this video was shot, Henderson isn't wearing a knee brace for his Thai training:



Fighters Only has contacted several sources but has not been able to get a reply at time of writing.