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Full Audio: Dana announces UFC 151 cancellation

Full Audio: Dana announces UFC 151 cancellation
August 23rd 2012

A furious UFC president Dana White announces that UFC 151 is cancelled.

The cancellation was prompted by an injury to Dan Henderson, who tore the MCL in his right knee and was unable to proceed with his light-heavyweight title shot.

White reveals that Chael Sonnen offered to step in but Jones refused to fight him on eight days notice. White says that he and Lorenzo Fertitta are “disgusted” with Jones and says there will be an impact on the relationship between the UFC and Jones going forward.


  • AJ

    Posted at 08:35 on August 24th 2012

    Jones has FUCKED himself!! I had a lot of respect for him, but that is all gone!! Ducking Chael a guy who a couple of weeks ago got his ass kicked buy Silva, who is a 185lb fighter....Jesus, I am in shock!! Dana has every right to be PISSED OFF!!

    Greg Jackson's advice is about as useful as a cock flavored lolly pop!! Dana is bang on..."A Sport Killer!!"

    Now Jones is fighting Vitor.......Really....well I know how that will end.

    Get well soon Hendo!!

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  • bill hardy

    Posted at 19:36 on August 24th 2012

    Dana please put the fights on fx or fox saturday.We dont need to see jones or whoever,looked like a great fight card.

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