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UFC to take "massive financial hit" on cancelling 151

UFC to take
August 23rd 2012

The UFC is set to take “a massive financial hit” on the UFC 151 cancellation.

According to UFC president Dana White on a conference call today, the cancellation of the event eight days out - the first time the UFC has ever had to cancel a show - will be “a major, major deal.”

“We lose a lot of money, money that’s already been spent. We’re eight days out. We’ve spent tons of money on this fight. How long and how far it goes and how bad it hurts I don’t know because it’s the first time we’ve done it,” he said.

“One thing that you really have to think about are the fighters on the undercard. Sure, Jon Jones is rich what does he care if he cancels the fight? But twenty other fighters on the card added up to almost a half a million dollars in purse money that Jones and Greg Jackson’s decision stole from them.

“No champion or headliner in UFC history has ever done that. As difficult as Tito Ortiz could be, even Tito never bailed on a fight… Many people, from fans to PPV distributors, TV networks, sponsors, and more importantly fighters who are working hard to support their families and build their careers are hurt badly by this selfish decision.”

The fight between Jones and Henderson was cancelled when Henderson sustained a damaged MCL in his right knee and was judged unable to take part in the September 1 event. The injury was sustained three weeks ago, his coach has revealed to Fighters Only, but the official decision was only taken yesterday.

Jones has caused fury at UFC HQ by flatly refusing to take Chael Sonnen as a stand-in opponent for September 1. He will now defend his belt on September 22 in Canada against Lyoto Machida.


  • keef

    Posted at 07:26 on August 24th 2012

    Sorry folks it aint cancelled belfort is the new opponent what a waste of a main event jones will kill him....bisping would have been a better option after a close match with sonnen...jones what a disgrace.....i wont be paying for this event..belfort???????????????????what a joke!

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  • Bugsy

    Posted at 10:16 on August 24th 2012

    It has been cancelled. Read the articles. Supposed to be next weekend, now Sep 22nd. vs Sonnen this weekend would've been fun...gutted. Vitor's fought most of his long career at LHW or HW though, is well rounded and can give anybody a fight. It's a shame it's like this and feels like it's devalued everything. There's a good chance he won't get past the reach...but any Belfort fight is worth watching because of what he can do and I'd love to see him snatch that belt!

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  • CoolJames101

    Posted at 12:11 on August 24th 2012

    Im Gutted the events Cancelled, Annoyed @ Jon Jones & Greg Jackson for not Taking the fight (your a champion you should be prepared to Fight Anyone any time) However i can understand why (chael is dangerous and could cause an upset, Also why was Chael Given the oppurtunity to fight, I swear he said he would quit UFC after he lost to Silver (not really a man of his word is he) there are more worthy contenders im sure, Belfort will be an interesting match up Jones Better makes this one heck of fight though. UFC should of had a stronger co main event then they may have not needed to cancel teh whole show, Cant all be Jon Jones Fault.

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