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Frankie Edgar faces Jose Aldo at UFC 153


A potential fight of the year has been announced as the UFC confirms that Frankie Edgar is to take a shot at the featherweight title held by Jose Aldo.

The fight takes place at UFC 153 on October 13 and will see Edgar entering enemy territory as the event takes place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Originally it was Eric Koch, a Duke Roufus protégé, who was to take the shot against Aldo but he has apparently forced out through injury.

Edgar was recently unsuccessful in an attempt to take the lightweight title back from Ben Henderson after losing it to him at UFC 144. Despite most thinking he won, the judges ordered that Henderson retained the title and Edgar began feeling the pressure to drop in weight.

A small fighter at 155lbs, even his own team have been constantly pressuring him to make the drop. He never did because he was successful at lightweight but after the loss to Henderson, he was prevailed on to move to his natural weight class.

Aldo vs. Edgar is a fight fans have wanted to see for years. It pits two fast-paced fighters with a varied arsenal against each other and while both can hang on the feet, the big question is how Aldo’s top-notch jiu jitsu will match with Edgar’s elite takedown and wrestling ability.

“Obviously, we've had a rough couple of weeks here at the UFC, and then sure enough, I walk in to work today, and Erik Koch is hurt," White told USA Today. "But Frankie Edgar, being the stud and the warrior that he is, steps up and accepts this fight.

“I'm pumped.I think that people are going to be very excited for this fight. Frankie has had a tough go the last couple of times with the judges, but a lot of people think he belongs at 145 pounds. Well, here we go – Jose Aldo vs. Frankie Edgar. People have been wanting to see this fight for a long time.”