Video: Dos Santos rolling with Machida

Video: Dos Santos rolling with Machida
August 31st 2012

Strange to say for a UFC champion but, nobody knows what Junior Dos Santos’ ground game is like.

For the majority of MMA fans, Dos Santos' jiu-jitsu is a big question mark but Fighters Only has found a video in which ‘Cigano’ rolls with Lyoto Machida. Draw you own conclusions and share your thoughts with us on the comments field…


  • Eduardo Cruz

    Posted at 19:46 on August 31st 2012

    JDS has promised to finish an opponent using his jiu-jitsu. I can't wait to see it!

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  • Dale Lawton

    Posted at 21:05 on August 31st 2012

    I'm no expert but he looks pretty good there. Would love to see it in a real fight though. Maybe we will in the Velasquez fight!

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  • Andre

    Posted at 21:27 on August 31st 2012

    I see machida is wearing gloves, so I think dos santos is trying to mimic what they thought ryan baders bottom game would be like.

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