Audio: Arianny Celeste's new dance single

Audio: Arianny Celeste's new dance single
September 4th 2012

Arianny Celeste has ventured into the world of dance music a second time.

Her new single ‘Top of the World’ has been produced by US house music duo Manufactured Superstars and is out now. A music video is also in the works for release later this month.

You can preview the single right here (let us know what you think via the comments box below) :

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As usual its taken the fine minds at The Underground Forum no time at all to start messing with the cover. Can you spot the difference?


  • houts

    Posted at 16:48 on September 4th 2012

    this song is awful!

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  • Scheprock!

    Posted at 17:03 on September 4th 2012

    Wow, that really sucks!!! It's a pathetic way for UFC to cash in I guess. Pretty sad! I guess showing her tittttts doesn't bring in enough revenue either, hence the attempt to make her a singer by hiding her voice behind the electronics! LoL!

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