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Video: Dana White admits Jones not entirely to blame for UFC 151 fiasco


Now that tempers have cooled somewhat, UFC president Dana White feels able to concede that Jon Jones was not entirely to blame for the event being cancelled after all. The cancellation came after Jones refused to accept Chael Sonnen as a late-notice stand-in for an injured Dan Henderson.

Jones has numerous reasons for refusing Sonnen as a replacement, which he outlined at length earlier today. And as Fighters Only exclusively reported last month, Henderson’s knee injury came three weeks before the fight but the UFC wasn’t notified until a week before. Henderson was trying to work through it but White says had he been given three weeks notice, the debacle would not have happened.

However, apportioning blame to Henderson as well as Jones has proved unsatisfactory for some fans, who think the responsibility for the September 1 card having to be pulled lies largely with the UFC. Their argument is that the card would have been able to proceed had it been of sufficient strength to withstand the loss of its headline act.

Regardless, the way seems at least partially open for some reconciliation between White and Jones, although there will undoubtedly be lasting damage and the two sides will never look at each other in the same light again.