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Monday Mailbag: Horse Burritos, Jones at heavyweight?


The shining gem among this week’s mailbag is the oddest question we have ever received, regarding Alistair Overeem and his diet. Also under consideration is the prospect of Jon Jones moving to heavyweight.

John Bergman - Who do you think is the most talented up-and-comer in the UFC?

@aundrejacobsmma - Personally, I think Michael McDonald is the most talented up-and-comer in the UFC. He literally has the perfect skill set for a mixed martial artist. He's very athletic, strong, has technical ground work on the top and the bottom and has great hands.

Talking of great hands, as fantastic as his hands are, they are prone to getting injured. I think McDonald can go all the way in the UFC if he chooses too, but he needs to stay injury free.

He's only managed one fight this year because he broke his hand, and with the cancellation of UFC 151 there are very few slots on any other cards, so it could be awhile before we see him back in the octagon again. Fingers crossed we see him sooner, rather than later.

@hedges136 - Who would u like to see Jon Jones make his heavyweight debut against? My choice would be Stefan Struve…
If Jones continues his reign of dominance in the UFC's light heavyweight division, then why not give him a title shot instantly against whoever the champion is. It could be Alistair Overeem, Cain Velasquez or current champion, Junior Dos Santos.

There's no point in starting him out with a mid-tier guy. He believes in his abilities so why not put him in there against the best that the heavyweight division has to offer.

Josh Osborn - Could Alistair Overeem microwave a horse meat burrito so hot that he himself could not eat it?

And the award for Best Question of the Week goes to…

To answer your ingeniously bizarre query; no. ‘The Reem’ can consume horse meat in all possible forms at all possible temperatures.

Stuart Harrison - What are the next title contender bouts for the LHW division? Seeing as Machida lost his by not accepting the Jones fight, will it be Shogun vs Gustaffson and Machida vs. Evans 2? 

If Gustafsson defeats Shogun in impressive fashion then I can definitely see the Swede’s next fight being for the UFC light heavyweight championship. But that fight is still three months away, so whether it will determine the very next contender is anyone’s guess.

The prospect of Machida vs Evans II is interesting, and certainly something I’d like to see. It would be hard to deny Machida a shot at the championship with a win over Rashad, even if he has already beaten him convincingly before. However, considering he was dominated in his last fight by Jon Jones, I’m not sure a win for Evans would put him in the same number-one contender position (assuming Jones is still champ in this hypothetical scenario, and all signs point to ‘yes’).

In my opinion, the only other possible 205lb contenders at this point are UFC newcomers Glover Teixeira and former DREAM light heavyweight champion Vinny Magalhaes. Both men have their Octagon debuts booked, Teixeira’s against Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson at UFC 153 on October 13th, while Magalhaes is set to face Igor Pokrajac later this month at UFC 152; incidentally the same card in which Jones will defend his LHW championship against Vitor Belfort.

A convincing win for either man could see him next in line for a shot at the title.