What's going on with this lot?

What's going on with this lot?
September 14th 2012

Something is underway with some of the biggest names in the Brazilian MMA world - but what?

First of all we had Lyoto Machida telling fans “We are preparing a big surprise for you!” but without going into detail.

Then Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua posted the above picture to his Facebook account with the caption ‘Expect news!”

None of the usual sources have any insight to offer. Are Machida and Rua being cryptic or are we about to see the launch of a Brazilian super-team?

if that does happen, it means we won't be seeing Shogun vs Machida III any time soon - both are in the hunt for another light-heavyweight title shot and could conceivably be matched against each other on the way, unless something precludes it...


  • Flavio

    Posted at 11:47 on September 14th 2012

    They are just shooting some comercial stuff...

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