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Tommy Maguire talks BAMMA 10 and fighting alongside his brother in the UFC


British lightweight Tommy Maguire is set to take on Team Kaobon’s Mark Glover at BAMMA 10 on September 15th. A well-rounded mixed martial artist in his own right, Tommy is also the brother of rising UFC fighter and ‘Gypsy jiu-jitsu’ specialist John Maguire.

Fighters Only’s Paul Quigley spoke with the young MMA athlete during his training at Tsunami Gym in Cambridge, England.

FO: You have a range of wins by KO and submission. Have you been focusing on any particular area in this camp or do you train all aspects of your game equally?

“I’ve been doing everything that I normally do. Probably a bit more cardio in this camp because I’m fighting a tough guy. I think that’s what I’ve been working on the most.”

FO: You haven’t fought since October last year. Do you think the long break from competition will have any affect on your performance?

“I’ve never had this long off before but I’ve never believed in ring rust before. We’ll see when we get in there.”

FO: Your brother, John Maguire, is 2-0 in the UFC. Does his success inspire you or put pressure on you to be successful?

“It definitely inspires me to make a better fighter of myself. I feel like I’m kind of in his shadow a bit so I [want to] get out of that and make my own name. I think there’d be no better feeling than to be fighting on the same card as my brother in the UFC.

“What I want to do is fight the biggest names in the UK before I move on to the UFC. I wouldn’t want to fight lesser opponents and then get to the UFC and get my arse kicked, then get thrown out. I want to stay in [the UFC] for the long haul. I feel if I can’t beat the top guys in the UK, I don’t deserve to be in the UFC.”

FO: This event will be BAMMA’s debut on Channel 5. What does it mean to you to be part of such a big night for British MMA?

“I think it’s going to be great. A lot more of the public are going to see it so there’s a lot of pressure there. You’ll probably get recognised as you’re walking down the street a bit more and you don’t want to be the guy who lost, you want to be the guy who comes out on top.”

FO: How do you expect the fight to play out on September 15th?

“I’m just looking forward to a good fight. He’s a tough guy. I know him and I know he’s with a really good team, so I know he’s going to bring it too. I’m expecting a war.”