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Matt Hughes catches heat for African animal killing spree

Matt Hughes catches heat for African animal killing spree
September 20th 2012

Matt Hughes is feeling the heat from MMA fans after posting photos of his recent hunting trip to South Africa onto his personal blog site.

Former welterweight champion Hughes took his young son Joey with him and between them they shot zebra, antelope and kuru over the course of several days. Hughes and his son posed with the dead animals and posted these pictures (below).

Every time Hughes blogs about hunting it sparks furious debate on the MMA messageboards with most fans against it and a few - usually people who are themselves hunters - supporting it. But in this instance there appears to be particular outrage given the perceived rarity of some of the animals and the fact that a zebra is basically a horse and isn’t usually something hunters would go shooting.

The wider argument against hunting has also resurfaced, with numerous MMA fans questioning the need and enjoyment to be found in shooting animals dead from a distance, via a high-powered rifle. Hughes’ decision to take his son with him, and have his son kill some animals himself, has also proved controversial.

Perennial Hughes-hater Dan Hardy was quick on the draw when he saw the pictures, tweeting "When is open season on ignorant, red neck, misguided, phony-Christian assholes? I would love to shoot some of those."

Matt's blue wildebeest

My kudu:
Matt's kudu


Joey’s kudu, also called the Grey Ghost of Africa:
Joey's kudu


Joey’s trophy bushbuck:
Joey's bushbuck


Joey’s impala:
Joey's impala


My red hartebeest:
Matt's hartebeest


Joey’s gemsbok:
Joey's gemsbok


My gemsbok:
Matt's gemsbok


My eland (the biggest antelope on the planet):
Matt's eland


Joey’s zebra:
Joey's zebra


My black wildebeest:
Matt's black wildebeest


Me, Joey, and my cameraman Blake:
Matt Joey Blake



  • Dale Lawton

    Posted at 15:42 on September 20th 2012

    No wonder everyone hates him. How can you enjoy killing animals for fun? He was a fool on TUF too.

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  • Ed

    Posted at 15:53 on September 20th 2012

    Absolute scumbag. Makes watching GSP, BJ and even Koscheck tooling him all the sweeter.

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  • danny

    Posted at 19:00 on September 20th 2012

    Now I do hate hunting but it is his choice which we should respect. we should not hate the person but the thing his doing

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  • Polonius Monk

    Posted at 03:08 on September 21st 2012

    No wonder everyone hates him. How can you enjoy killing animals for fun? He was a fool on TUF too.

    “In Africa when you kill any animal the ranch keeps the meat and the hunter gets the hide and skull. when we were there we ate meat from hunts before us so we did get to try different animals. everything we had tasted very good. i think thats a good way to do it though. if i would have got the meat of the animals i would have donated it to a village. they waste nothing over there and have plenty of need for food.”-Matt Hughes

    Not that big of a Youghes fan. So for those of you crying that he's wastefully hunting pristine wilderness, consider the fact that none of the animals he hunted were not even close to the endangered species list. Don't get me wrong, I'm a big zoology junkie like the next guy, but this was hardly illegal or unethical.

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  • Koshchecks bleached taint

    Posted at 03:39 on September 21st 2012

    Takes a special kind of coward suffering from a serious case of small penis syndrome to shoot an animal standing at range minding it's own business and consider it sport. Even more pathetic when he tries to come off like Oprah claiming to be saving the starving villagers.

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  • David Latola

    Posted at 04:01 on September 21st 2012

    Let the man hunt for crying out loud. I am from South Africa and in the region I grew up in hunting is not looked down upon. Hell I shot my first kudu when I was 9. I could shoot even before I could walk. My best friend's family had a game farm and the flow of tourists did wonders for the town's economy. Besides we have strict policies and laws on what is to be hunted in this country. What a man teaches his son is none of my business unless it is illegal or grossly immoral.

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  • Ryan

    Posted at 07:03 on September 21st 2012

    Each and their own people, people saying how can he shoot and animal like that, for everyone of you saying this....theres someone else saying the exact same thing about cage fighting, combat sports and mma. Its what hughes enjoys, wasnt he a farmer? Probably cared for more animals and raised enough animals to feed you. All vegetarians are you??? Pipe down

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  • apprenticejedi

    Posted at 13:18 on September 21st 2012

    I don't think hunting these animals should be promoted under any circumstances; it's just needless killing. To compare it to the UFC, or to farming, is nonsense.

    For Hughes to be proud of killing animals like this says something about his character.

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  • John Walker

    Posted at 14:18 on September 21st 2012

    what a dick i hate trophy hunters... this is not a case of putting meat on the table, this is pointless murder of beautiful african animals....

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  • Kimbo77

    Posted at 15:34 on September 21st 2012

    Sick bastard how can you enjoy killing such beautiful animals. Matt Hughes I used to think you were a legend now I realise you a 1st class arsehole. I'm so glad GSP, BJ PENN,ALVES & Koschek kknocked you out !!!!!!

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