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Lesnar's DeathClutch finished, Pat Barry joins Greg Nelson's team


Pat Barry revealed this week that Brock Lesnar’s team DeathClutch has now wound down operations and no longer exists.

The team was formed to prepare and sustain Lesnar throughout his MMA and UFC career. But when the former heavyweight champion retired, and Chris Tuscherer also moved on from the sport, the team lost a lot of its drive.

Barry had moved to Minnesota specifically to train at DeathClutch and trade his striking knowledge for the wrestling and grappling ability to be gained from working with “a room full of big guys” like Lesnar, Tuscherer et al.

Another member was Bellator FC heavyweight champion Cole Konrad but when he too retired recently, the fight team ended up consisting solely of… Pat Barry. There was more than a little irony in him being the last man standing in a team he wasn’t a founder of but regardless, irony doesn’t pay the bills and so head coach Marty Morgan also called it a day.

Barry is now training with Greg Nelson and while he is back to being “the biggest guy in the room” - the reason he departed Duke Roufus’ team in the first place - he is at least benefiting from Nelson being “one of those Yoda guys with black belts in everything”.