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Anderson aiming to finish the fight in round one


Anderson Silva is aiming to finish this Saturday’s UFC 153 fight in one round but his opponent Stephan Bonnar doesn’t see that happening. While Bonnar stops short of making any predictions of victory - and as the massive underdog, he isn’t expected to - he does think Anderson has let himself in for more than he realised.

“Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it. I asked for a big name, and I got the biggest name in the sport. But he’s fighting me at my weight, 205 pounds, and that gives me an advantage. He’s not fought anyone who will come at him like I have,” says Bonnar.

“He’s the most accurate striker in the sport, so I know I am going to get punched and kicked and I’m cool with that. But he’s going to get roughed up too. He’s getting punched and kicked – by a much bigger man. If I win this fight, I shock the world. I rule the world. Life is going to be good Saturday night.”

Anderson responds, “He’s big - a big guy, but I feel good not to have to cut weight to middleweight. For me, it is very important to retire undefeated,  and I want to retire undefeated in the UFC. This is a tricky night for me Saturday. He has good BJJ and brings the fight.

“If I have the chance, I will finish this fight in one round. Stephan Bonnar always fights so hard. I will have more speed, more agility than him, but I don’t know about the power. So if I see the chance, I will finish this quickly.”