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Fitch prefers Brazil beaches to those of the US


Jon Fitch is slated to do one of the fights of the main card of UFC 153 this Saturday at HSBC Arena in Rio de Janeiro. The American fighter, who takes on Erick Silva, spoke with the local media yesterday in front of the hotel in Barra da Tijuca.

He has enjoyed a good reception from fans, who have recognised him and wished him well even though he is fighting one of their countrymen. Fitch has also been enjoying the beaches and notes that unlike many beaches in the USA they are absent of “trash” - presumably meaning refuse rather than undesirable persons.

“I was very happy to get here earlier. It is great to get used to the environment and also to get to know a bit of the people and the culture of the country. I was impressed by the beaches, they are very clean. In the United States the beaches have a lot of trash,” he said.

“I did a tour on Sunday to Corcovado and Pao de Acucar and I was impressed by the Brazilian people’s knowledge of MMA. They recognized me and treated me cordially. The Brazilian fans are very good. All of them that I spoke to were very polite and receptive.

“When I went for the tour around the city, which is very beautiful, some of them stopped to take pictures, which is really cool. It is good to see that there is recognition of the sport in a country that did a lot for the fight game all over the world.”

However, Fitch’s cordial feelings towards the Brazilian people won’t be extended towards Erick Silva tomorrow night.

“He is a very explosive athlete. I want to take him out of his comfort zone. My strategy depends on the fight and I can work both on the feet or on the ground. I believe his biggest issue is the lack of experience. The public is in his favor but the pressure of the crowd may benefit me in some moments.”