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Split-Decision: FO Team debates Anderson's reluctance to face Jones


Anderson Silva underlined his brilliance at the weekend by becoming the first man to stop Stephan Bonnar in professional MMA. Silva, fighting one up from his regular weight class, looked masterful and unperturbed for the four minutes it lasted. So why the apparent reluctance to take a superfight with Jon Jones - is Anderson fearful of the LHW champ, or is it something else?

John Joe O’Regan

Fighters Only  Website Editor

Anderson Silva fears no man. He might be wary of Jones and consider him one of his career-best opponents, but Anderson definitely believes he can beat him and will be curious about trying his hand against the light-heavy champ.

Anderson is not only the best martial artist in the UFC but also one of its sharpest operators and he is merely going through the manoeuvres that will result in the UFC throwing boatloads of money at him to take the fight. The fight will happen - and Anderson will beat Jones.

Richard Cartey

Associate Editor, Fighters Only and Train Hard, Fight Easy

Concerned more than fearful. Undefeated-in-the-Octagon, UFC 185lb champ Anderson Silva is likely concerned Jones is a real threat to his valuable mystique – and brand. Still, when asked about future opponents, Silva always says he'd like to fight his clone. Despite his propensity to joke, he's probably being sincere. If so, he couldn't find a better mirror than Jones. What's the hold-up?

Aundre Jacobs

Fighters Only Assistant Editor

I don't think Anderson Silva fears anyone when it comes to a fight. He's either simply not interested because Jon Jones is much bigger than him, or he's posturing to see how much money he can get from Dana White, which I'd assume is a substantial amount. I'd rather see the Silva-GSP super-fight and have Jones move up to heavyweight where he'll face fighters his own size.


Gareth A. Davies

Fighters Only Consultant Editor, MMA Correspondent for The Daily Telegraph

There is a sense of 'Why Should I ?' in Anderson Silva's decision not to move up a weight to face Jon Jones for a light-heavyweight superfight. That is his prerogative, as a 37-year-old, decorated champion. But it is a mistake, for most observers.

The greatest challenges appear to bring out the genius in Silva, and Jones would be the ultimate test for him. I don't think he'll take it, unless he is offered a ridiculous amount of money. Silva-GSP, given that GSP has been out for so long, and has suffered the knee problems, does not light me up in the same way.