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TUF Brasil star attempts to hit Big Brother


Rony ‘Mariano’ Jason has become a specialist in reality shows. After all, the Team Nogueira athlete won the  first edition of ‘The Ultimate Fighter: Brasil’ when he beat Godofredo Peppey in the finale that took place at UFC 147, in Belo Horizonte.

A couple of weeks ago, before his fight versus Sam Sicília at UFC 153 in which he won with a second round technical knockout, Jason launched a campaign on Twitter to form part of the 13th season of Big Brother Brazil, a reality that is broadcasted by Rede Globo - the same TV that shows UFC events in Brazil.
The featherweight fighter faced criticism by part of his followers but explained to Fighters Only that he only wanted to get on the TV show for money, not to look for another profession.

‘Well it began after a training session where we commented a little about the house,” he recalled. “BBB is like a vacation compared to what we went through at TUF. So, only for fun, I tweeted that stuff and I was
saying that was going to be on Big Brother 13.

“It has everything to do with Friday The 13th, that is Jason’s movie, and the gang began to retweet and some critics came up while I was taking it as a joke, but when the heavy critics arouse I decided to quit because many guys were saying that I was losing focus on the fight and that I no longer wanted to be a fighter to become an artist, this kind of thing.”

“If I had the opportunity to enter BBB I would get in to win the prize because that program without money for me that means nothing. I doesn’t work to have fame and my children feel hungry. I would go there for the prize. If I had the chance, I would go in.”
On the culmination of his role at TUF Brazil, he said: “Thank God it has been very good. The kids who are attending me say that they look up to me and I was a bit worried about it because I am an average person who comes from a humble family.

“I am a human being and have my shortcomings as well, but I try to show the best image possible for all the children, for all of them who mirror me. I feel very happy by the recognizement of my job. After everything I went through, thanks God it has paid off.”