Video: Korean trailer for UFC Macau

Video: Korean trailer for UFC Macau
October 18th 2012

This Asia-specific official trailer for UFC Macau features three Korean fighters - Dong Hyun Kim, Kyung Ho Kang and Hyun Gyu Lim.

It doesn’t give a lot away but its beautifully shot and it shows us that the three can definitely throw down. Korean fighters are generally hard as nails so expect this lot to be in wars. Their matches are Paulo Thiago (Kim), Alex Caceres (Kang) and David Mitchell (Lim) respectively.

UFC Macau takes place on November 10 and is officially entitled UFC on Fuel TV: Franklin vs. Le. Featuring Rich Franklin and Cung Le in the headline slot, it is the UFC’s first venture to China.


  • Cristian

    Posted at 11:37 on July 19th 2013

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  • Siva

    Posted at 01:58 on July 23rd 2013

    If the ufc is trying to sell one fight like boinxg then they will lose alot of money!! Boxing can get away with it cause that one fight there selling can go for 12 rounds, mma, has 5 at most and most likely might not even go all 5 rounds, i agree with jbj on this one and i also think he should of fought sonnen but i respect his call and reason for not taking it, ask yourself this, if bj penn turned down a fight cuzz he thought what he thought, would he be scared? Coward? Not a real champ? Only about the money? Dont care about the ufc and the fans? NO! But the reason y jbj gets all the hate is cause hes still new and no1 likes the new guy who steals all the attintion from who ever had it 1st! Grow up ppl its just mma!

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