Jon Jones and BombSquad Team to reunite on TUF?

Jon Jones and BombSquad Team to reunite on TUF?
October 18th 2012

Are Jon ‘Bones’ Jones and his former BombSquad team about to be reunited?

BombSquad are based in upstate New York and have a reputation as a talent factory. They are one of the north-east USA’s leading teams and they shaped Jones into a dangerous fighter who was being talked about as a serious prospect long before the UFC picked up on him.

Jones had four fights in the UFC as part of BombSquad but then left the team and joined Greg Jackson’s outfit in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The parting must have been an acrimonious one because Jones ended up taking action to force the team to stop mentioning its association with him, resulting in a 2011 tweet that read “After months of trying to ‘officially’ separate myself from team Bombsquad, I can finally say that as of today I have NO association with Bombsquad or Ryan Ciotolli.”

But on yesterday’s conference call to announce that he and Chael Sonnen would be forming the rival coaching pair on The Ultimate Fighter season 17, Jones intimated that some reconciliation might have been effected, although he didn’t mention the team by name.

“Right now I have confirmed a few guys but I’m not willing to talk about all the guys right now. My wrestling coach Izzy Martinez - of Izzy-style wrestling - will be the wrestling coach. Mike Winkeljon and Greg Jackson are very busy guys so I might go with some of my very original trainers, from before I came to Jackson’s,” he said of his prospective coaching staff.

“I might reach out to a lot of those guys and give them, you know, the opportunity of a lifetime. Kind of give back to my original training staff. So where Greg and Wink will be coming in here and there, you’re gonna get to meet the people who taught me how to fight, taught me the basics in the very beginning.”

Filming begins this month so expect official announcements soon.


  • gary marino

    Posted at 16:20 on October 19th 2012

    what! i just spoke with ryan ciotolli and have not heard anything of the kind, my name is gary marino, and me and ryan were jons original managers all the way up untill and through his fight with vladimir matuchenko. ryan was his original trainer, he was 2 fights away from his title fight when he parted. have not heard anything. we worked very hard with jon from day 1 all the way to the top before he left. jon came to us with no fights and left a fight away from the championship.

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