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Anderson finally admits fight with Jones possible


UFC president Dana White told Fighters Only a few weeks ago that Anderson Silva was only “playing games” with his many public statements of having no desire to engage light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones in a superfight.

According to White its all a tactic to ensure that the UFC stumps up as much money as possible to make the fight happen. And as it turns out, White is probably right. Because Anderson is starting to give little hints that he might be willing to take the fight after all; just the thing to get the UFC to start thinking in dollars - although Anderson swears that money is not his concern.

“People have been speaking about this [match] so much. I don’t have this intention, it is not something that motivates me because there are other guys from my team, such as Rogério Nogueira, Fabio Maldonado, Rafael Feijão and Wagner Prado, who are at this weight,” he said.

“My weight is 185 pounds, this is my title, but people speak so much about this fight and we are UFC employees. Of course I can say I don’t want it, but what about if he (Jones) goes there and accepts the money that Dana will give him to fight? This is going to be difficult.”
Anderson says that if the fight does happen, its going to be at catchweight rather than in either of their current weight classes.

“This is not the money that motivates me to fight, I fight because I like it, so I don’t know... I wouldn’t like, but if it is to happen, it would have to be at a catchweight. It wouldn’t be for his belt. I already have mine and I don’t want to win a title only to abandon it,” he explained.