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Barao waiting for Cruz, Aldo back in January


Renan Barao won’t be defending his interim bantamweight title.

His coach Andre Pedeneiras says that Barao, who won the title by beating Urijah Faber at UFC 149, will sit out and wait for an injured Dominick Cruz to return to action - however long it takes.

Cruz tore his ACL earlier this year. It was quite a bad tear and he is expected to be out until early 2013, due to rehab time and then the time it will take for him to get back to full match-fitness.

“He just won the title, just fought. We will wait. Look how long the wait was for Condit and GSP to unify the belt,” Pederneiras told UOL.

Pederneiras also says that Aldo is on track for his January/February return to action but that he is still experiencing a mysterious pain in both ankles.

Aldo suffered a foot injury several months ago while riding a motorcycle in his native Brazil. At first he thought the injury was entirely minor but then he had to pull out of UFC 153 as the pain refused to go away.

Oddly, Aldo only injured one foot but the pain is felt in both ankles and doctors don’t know why.

“He was doing tests with doctors [in the USA]. He is still feeling a little pain, so he went to see what it was. But we believe that there is nothing serious. The UFC asked him to fight in January or February and our staff and our doctor said it's okay to keep that schedule,” says Pederneiras.