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Video: Jeremy Stephens post-arrest interview


Jeremy Stephens was arrested the day before the UFC on FX Fuel 5 event on the orders of police from his native Des Moines, Iowa, on a warrant for an alleged assault dating back to early 2011.

UFC president Dana White maintains that the timing of the arrest was malicious - “someone there really doesn’t like Stephens” - and he did everything he could to get the fighter out on bail so he could have his fight.

Stephens wasn’t released until Wednesday this week, having spent a total of twelve days in an Iowa jail. He then recorded this interview video to explain some of what had happened. He also posted some comments on The Underground forum.

“Looking back on when this happened.... I was in jail totally confused wondering why and how. Had no clue if I would be out in time to fight or what was going on. I talked with a couple people throughout the day and finally got word I was going to fight.

“So I spent the rest of my time being positive, focused, stretching to stay loose and shadow boxing. Had I got out, that would have been the best fight of my life. I had no way but up and wouldn't have stopped. I kept thinking about this quote- "It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one who is most adaptable to change."

“Then it got late and everything just seemed to blow up. It wasn't easy but I can honestly say I was still positive every day (but 1). Instead of being bitter, I'm taking this in the best way possible.

“Thanks again everyone. The support is actually what has helped me get through this and just move on. I really took a hit in the media and a long list of keyboard warriors, but what do you do. Most people would just want to hide in a hole regardless of being innocent, but the support has truly brought happiness to my heart.

“Couldn't have done the things I've achieved without the support and won't be able to move on to achieve greater without continued support. So I owe it to everyone that has helped with their love and support. It means the world to me and I will become a better man & fighter from this.