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Video: Jason 'Mayhem' Miller on mental health, Dana, the fight game


Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller’s recent antics have sparked fears for his mental health. First he was arrested apparently naked in a church which he had broken into and vandalised, then he appeared on Ariel Helwani’s ‘MMA Hour’ show and gave a bizarre turn supposedly ‘in character’ as Lucky Patrick, the bit part he plays in the Kevin James movie Here Comes The Boom.

Helwani claimed he had no prior knowledge of the interview being ‘in character’ and he seemed lost as Miller spiralled out of control before storming out of the studio. But communications between the two continued and so this week Miller became the second subject of what looks set to be an ongoing series of ‘walk and talk’ extended interviews.

Its a fascinating piece of film. Even if you aren’t a fan of Miller’s public persona - I personally find the zaniness somewhat forced and contrived - this near-hour conversation is completely different to anything you’ve seen of him before and there are some genuine insights to be had not only into his mindset but also into life some aspects of being a mid-tier UFC employee.