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Dana White postponing surgery for Meniere's Disease


UFC president Dana White has elected to postpone surgery to treat the inner-ear affliction Ménière's Disease.

The ailment has made 2012 a tough year for the far-flying UFC president but he has soldiered on despite attacks that he describes as “horrific”. Meniere’s affects the part of the ear which governs balance and when he is suffering an attack, White sometimes literally has trouble staying upright and walking normally.

Doctors offered him some medication as the first stage of treatment but White said he did not have time to hang around and see whether that would work or not. He pushed for immediate surgery but the doctors advised against it because it doesn’t have a 100 per cent success rate and has some serious potential side-effects.

However, White got his way in the end and was put forward for surgery. But he was advised that after the process, he would likely have to relearn some motor skills, including basic walking and balance. If the surgery is unsuccessful, which sometimes happens, he could be left with worse symptoms than he was suffering previously.

The surgery was to take place in the coming weeks but White has now told MMA Fighting via text message that “My schedule and the doctor's didn't line up,” and so it has had to be postponed until early 2013. The procedure will involved cutting open the back of the ear and inserting a tube to alleviate pressure. “It's supposed to give me a 70 percent chance of not having an attack,” White told reporters in Rio de Janeiro earlier this month.