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UFC unveils first Korean ring-girl

UFC unveils first Korean ring-girl
October 25th 2012

In what will no doubt long be remembered as a landmark day in the history of the sport, the UFC has today officially appointed its first Korean ring girl.

Ms Kang Ye-Bin will be the round card technician for the UFC’s upcoming event in Macao, China. The card features three Korean fighters and so Ye-Bin will also be providing moral support for her countrymen.

Ye-Bin is a well-known model in her home country of South Korea and has featured in the likes of Maxim Korea and other mainstream men’s magazines.

“I’m thrilled to be Korea’s first Octagon Girl. I’m just a little anxious whether I’ll be able to do a good job, but I’ll try my best and hopefully I can raise the spirits of our three Korean fighters in the UFC,” she is quoted as saying. “I’d like to look sexier and hotter than Arianny Celeste.”

And now without further ado, a slew of gratuitous pictures:


  • theunbranched

    Posted at 22:42 on October 25th 2012

    Sorry Britt, I have a new favorite Octo-girl.

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  • Marge

    Posted at 16:44 on July 20th 2013

    I love this sentence so much: Would it be nice if our right and wrong was part of our culrute instead of needing a bunch of laws?' Nowadays we really should use our own virtue rather than some kind of prescriptive laws to stop bad things like family violence, seeing others dying or even crime from occurring.

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  • BercyLessoinsslmnt

    Posted at 11:50 on July 22nd 2013

    good point i played the demo. im not gonna talk about its flaws, but it has allot going for it i think it will acuallty be a competition between modern warfare or blacks ops and medal of honor

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  • Rastaman

    Posted at 14:53 on July 23rd 2013

    Definitely a nice break to finally watch hot chkcis demonstrate some techniques. My only criticism would be that she steps her leg over leaving herself susceptible to getting caught in half guard. She needs to windshield wiper her leg over. Tisk tisk.

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  • Elisabeth

    Posted at 11:44 on July 25th 2013

    Coming here (ha ha!) from BatmanArkhamVideos is like having fpoerlay before the main event: The videogame fighting and virtual woman choking people with her legs prepares you for the real fighting and real women choking people with their legs.

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