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Trailer: Manhoef vs Khalidov at KSW 21


Mamed Khalidov and Melvin Manhoef will be the main protagonists at KSW 21 on December 1.

The two are confirmed for the headline slot of the Polish MMA show’s twenty-first instalment, which also features UFC lightweight Maciej Jewtuszko against fellow UFC veteran Curt Warburton of the UK.

KSW is a superb show - it has been likened to “Pride FC’s stockier, angrier little brother” - and has a high production value. It attracts millions of viewers on Polish television and the tickets for the live event are hot property.

If you haven’t seen it before check it out - you might need to do a bit of digging online but some of the fights are great. Probably best to avoid the freakshow fights with Mariusz Pudzianokwsi and various pumped up heavyweights though!