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Ryan Bader fires back at Rampage


Ryan Bader isn’t impressed with the way Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson keeps denigrating him following their UFC 144 fight in Japan earlier this year.

Jackson lost a decision to Bader after three rounds, but maintains that he carried a debilitating knee injury and other ailments into the bout. Ever since, he has repeatedly expressed dismay - often with a shake of the head - about losing to “a guy like Ryan Bader”.

“Me losing my last fight due to an injury to such a weak opponent like Ryan Bader… I’ve got excuses for every loss I have, but you could tell I was injured,” he told Inside MMA host Bas Rutten last week. “But me losing to a guy like Ryan Bader has really lit a fire under my ass. Now, I’m staying in shape, I’m training all the time.”

Naturally Bader doesn’t appreciate being dismissed and disparaged in this way, although he told SportsNet.ca that he hasn’t been losing too much sleep over the comments.

“He’s still crying about it? I don’t even pay attention to it anymore. We had a contract to fight on a certain night, you’re job is to go out there and win. I flew all the way out to Japan, I trained my butt off. I went out there, handled the jetlag, made weight, went out there and beat him that night,” he said.

“He has the same thing. If you’re injured don’t fight. I had knee surgery right after that. I was injured too, we both went in there and I beat him… If anything, he should be ashamed of himself, [for not making weight for our fight] not talking s--- about me.”

Jackson’s dismay at losing to Bader was followed by a statement of intent to quit the UFC as soon as his contract expired. It has one fight left on it and that was to be against Glover Teixeira at UFC 153 in Rio de Janeiro earlier this month.

But true to his promise never to fight injured again, Jackson pulled out of the bout after damaging his elbow in training. He was replaced by Fabio Maldonado, who took a hard beating before the doctor stopped the fight in the interval before the third round.