Talk to Ken Shamrock for $11.99 a minute

Talk to Ken Shamrock for $11.99 a minute
October 30th 2012

Ken Shamrock is a pioneer and living legend in the sport of mixed martial arts.

A veteran of the early days, he and Royce Gracie were the first men to be inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame. His feuds were infamous and his rivalry with Tito Ortiz is one of the things that helped drive the UFC to its current prominence and money-making ability.

Aside from the UFC, Shamrock also fought in Pride FC and Pancrase as well as one or two smaller shows in more recent years. Well-travelled and with lots and lots of experiences, you know he has tonnes of cool stories to tell.

The question is, are they worth $11.99 per minute?

That’s the price that are charging for one-on-one phone calls with Shamrock. They offer “discreet one on one talk with Ken Shamrock… This talented speaker possesses a story that is unique and compelling.”

Referring to Shamrock’s public speaking engagements, the company explains that “audiences find Ken’s dynamic delivery spellbinding as well as highly motivational… he inspires and uplifts his listeners with encouragement to persevere through hardship and seemingly overwhelming odds, living lives of meaning, integrity, and dignity.”

If that’s the kind of thing you would like to hear on the other end of a phone, now you know where to find him.

Other champs on the company’s roster are Horace Grant (four-time NBA Champion, $8.99 per minute), Charlie Ward (Heisman trophy winner and NBA player and Major League Baseball draftee, $7.99 per minute) and Andres Taylor (WBF Americas Cruiserweight Champion, $7.00 per minute).


  • Jon Levine

    Posted at 00:07 on March 8th 2013

    Thank you for the write up. Since this was written we continue to add Sport Legends to our team including Sgt. Slaughter, Dan Severn and NBA Hall of Fame Finalist Gary Payton

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