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Dana: Anderson superfights "definitely" happening


The UFC has its heart firmly set on some Anderson Silva superfights in the near future.

UFC president Dana White says that matches with light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones and welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre are “definitely” going to happen, regardless of anything to the contrary that the various protagonists say.

“I guarantee you Anderson Silva vs Jon Jones will absolutely happen,” White said in an online chat with fight fans via PCS Metro. “The 185 pound division is very exciting right now. I don't know who's next for Anderson yet. We're waiting because he possibly wants to fight Georges St. Pierre. We'll see what happens.

And responding to critics of the superfights - the mooted match with St. Pierre has been criticised in particular by fans - he said, “To say GSP vs Anderson Silva doesn't make sense, doesn't make sense. Anderson Silva can fight Georges St. Pierre and Jon Jones. They both make sense.”

St. Pierre himself has been noticeably reticent when it comes to talking about the fight and it doesn’t take a master psychologist to understand that neither he nor his TriStar camp in Montreal are particularly enthused about the prospect of moving up in weight to face the hard-hitting Brazilian.

But Jon Jones, who joined White on the live chat, thinks that the match has the potential to be one of the best that the UFC has ever staged.

“GSP vs Anderson Silva will definitely be one of the greatest fights of all time. GSP has all the tools to beat Anderson Silva. He has the wisdom on the feet and he's got one of the fastest double legs with the best timing in MMA. [Although] Anderson is on the level of greatness,” he said.

Regarding St. Pierre‘s upcoming title defence against Carlos Condit, Jones remarked “GSP is a winner and Carlos is on my team right now. He's working extremely hard to beat GSP. He's a champion from WEC and UFC. He's just a champion. I have no comment on who I think will win it.”

Jones’ staying tight-lipped is probably down to the fact that St. Pierre was until recently a regular face at the Greg Jackson camp that Jones and Condit call home. St. Pierre recently shifted focus more to his Montreal home and the TriStar team but he still has ties with Jackson and is on friendly terms with Jones. St. Pierre and Condit never actually trained together while at Jackson’s.