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Jones: "'ll kickbox the snot out of Sonnen"


Jon Jones has threatened to “kickbox the snot” out of Chael Sonnen if the former middleweight challenger tries to stand and trade with him in their upcoming April 27 light-heavyweight title fight.

Despite that, he says that Sonnen has been “not too bad” while they have been filming The Ultimate Fighter together in Las Vegas - although they are only two days into production and there are another five weeks for Sonnen to start getting on Jones’ case.

“I thought he was gonna be all trash talk but he's been pretty decent and pretty classy. It's been a great show,” Jones said yesterday. “I don't hate Chael any more. He's been okay. Maybe he's setting me up for later.”

“[But when we fight] I want to beat Chael at his own game. I want to take him down and pound him out. If he decides to stand up, I'll kickbox the snot out of him.”

Jones also revealed that he has not brought in his former trainers to be his coaching staff on the season. In a recent conference call he hinted that he might bring in “the people who first taught me how to fight”, which was taken as a reference to his former team, BombSquad, in New York.

Instead Jones says his coaching staff is “Frank Mir for jiu jitsu [plus] Jon Woods and Bubba Jenkins”. Appearances are also expected from his wrestling coach Israel ‘Izzy’ Martinez and possibly his trainers Mike Winkeljon and Greg Jackson, although he has said previously that they are “very busy” and won’t be around the season much if at all.

Jones remains apparently disinterested in a fight with middleweight champion Anderson Silva and says he will probably end up moving to heavyweight at the end of next year. “I'll definitely move up to heavyweight probably around the end of 2013. [Right now] I've got a nutritionist so my weight cuts have been easier. I walk around thinner.”

In September he had been due to defend his belt against Dan Henderson but the fight was scrapped when Henderson sustained an injury. Instead he faced Vitor Belfort at UFC 152 and will now face Sonnen in April after their season of TUF has aired.

“I'm not disappointed I didn't get the Dan Henderson fight. I think it's inevitable. He's one of the greatest fighters in history. Hopefully I defeat Chael, defeat Dan Henderson and who knows what happens after that.”